the worst weekend ever

Well... if I start to think about my life so far and about those moments that you keep in mind forever, I can not remember having such a terrible weekend!
Taking my baby to the hospital and being there almost helpless, watching what she had to go through... God! Just makes me feel like crying...
Anyway, there is something that is of such an importance to a child: the presence of the mother! And even though must moms know that, some of them choose to leave their babies alone crying when the nurses are taking care of them, instead of being there, making them feel safe, just by hearing mom's voice... that is cruel!
Doesn't matter how hard it is being to me, doesn't matter how much it makes me cry afterwards, I choose to be by my child's side, when she most needs!

2 comentários:

  1. I completely agree with you, Sandra!! Mums who leave their babies crying by themselves are for me heartless mothers!! I would stand by my son's side no matter what!
    I hope your princess is well by now , if not, I´m sure she will be soon!! I wish her all the best!!

  2. Hi, Andreia!
    Thanks for your support! It seems we are in total agreement!
    The baby is very well, now!
    See you around! :)


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