So this is Christmas

Those who know me well, know that I'm not a big Christmas fan! Not only some sad things happened in our familly during this season of the year, but also that crazyness of people running everywhere to buy presents, not paying attention when they're driving... it's all so confusing!!! I think that along the years the true Xmas spirit has been lost among all the shopping people do, only thinking about what presents to buy and what too cook for the special night!
We should keep in mind the most basic: on Christmas we celebrate life! We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! We celebrate family and union and love! These are the pillars to a Happy Christmas!

After my baby was born, I must confess I started to look at this time of the year with different eyes! I'm not an exception to the rule. I also buy her a present (one present); but we also go to the church on Christmas Eve! She has been going to the church in Xmas time since she was born
, as she played the role of Jesus back in 2007! Sleeping like an angel! :) So sweet!

Well and as it is Christmas time, we will prepare our own Xmas tree this afternoon and I leave the promise here that I'll make an effort to enjoy peacefully Christmas this year!

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