standing by us...

there are moments in life when we feel that we're simply lonely, like an abandoned puppy! In these moments... we should stop feeling so sad and start thinking about all the good things and people that surround us every day! It could be simply the mail man, the person next door to whom we never spoke before... we should start smiling at these ''invisible'' people, because they, like us, also have their sad moments; but most important, on these sad, lonely moments we should call a friend! We should scream for a silent help, by calling a friend and simply say ''hello... how've you been doing?''! Who knows if that friend wasn't also in one of those tricky moments?!
(so, to my friends, just call me whenever you need... just keep in mind that I have a child and during the night it would be complicated! :D)

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  1. Well, I don't have a child. So, whenever you need do talk just give me a call...;)

    A Doce mais Doce
    (é bom que saibas que sou eu!)


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